WADOO!!INTERVIEW: Radiowadoo in an xclusive interview with MYRO(@yesmyro)


Radio wadoo recently had a chat with one of Nigeria’s fast rising act MYRO .Alot has been seen and heard about the “King of Banana ,d ‘Kabayaba’” before now but Radiowadoo recently thought in wise to have a real chat with MYRO,for the general public/fans  to know properly.

Download  audio Ngala , PLANTAIN , OCHA

Below you find the interview


Myro: EH!!!!!!!  , ITS MYRO…….O

WADOO:  Lets get to meet you sir?

Myro: My name is Ozah Oghenemairo Daniel, a singer,songwriter and designer,

WADOO: Where are you u from and tribe?

MYRO: I am from Delta State, Isoko tribe to be precise.

WADOO: So how did the name Myro came to existence?

Myro: It is from my original name ‘ Oghenemairo’,I Just changed the spelling to flow with the pronunciation

Wadoo: Wow!!nice 1 and creative to say,so How was growing up,Myro?

Myro: Was ok, from a family that had love for education, dad was an Engineer. I grew up with a lot of love

Wadoo: How did you get into music?

Myro: I got a passion for it since I was a little kid ,May sound cliche,But that is what it is.Professional since 2011, school shows, talent hunts and all associated with it

WADOO: What kind of music are u into?

MYRO: Afro pop.

Wadoo: What was your first hit single and what inspires you when writing?

Myro: ‘Plantain’, was my first hit,My environment and happenings around me inspires me. Situations and just the flare to be creative

Wadoo: What challenges did you face trying to break into the industry?

Myro :  The issue of promotion. It is not easy trynna break in. Lot of promotional groundwork

WADOO:What’s d name of ur 3 singles sequencially and should we expect any other genres of music from you in the future?

MYRO:I started with PLANTAIN,OCHA and now NGALA, I am a trendy artiste, I move with the flow and still keep my dinstiction… Surely there will be blends of other sounds in my music as time proceeds

Wadoo; Do you have any album?

Myro: No, working towards releasing one next year

Wadoo: What do you love most about being an entertainer?

Myro : It is joyous doing what you’ve always dreamed about. The idea of composing music and have people sing along your creation is an amazing feeling , That’s what I love most about my job

Wadoo: Who do you dream of collaborating with both local and international level?

Myro : On the Homefront, Flavour and foreign, Kanye West

Wadoo: As a fast-rising Artiste,how do u cope with the ladies.

Myro :  I always remember the reason I’m here, To get to the top of my career , So ladies are my friends,Nothing more than that.

WADOO: Apart from Music are we expecting any other field from you?

MYRO: Into clothing,also want to have my own cloth line.

Wadoo: Where do u hope to be in three years’ time / How do u see myro 3yrs from nw?

Myro : In three years time, Myro will be a brand name to reckon with,An A-list artist with international recognition

Wadoo: Since your journey so far in Music industry,any sad experience to remember?

MYRO: non, I see every situation as an experience in life to a greater height and a learning process

WADOO: How many videos have u done,and how was ur experience working with d director,crew and everybody who in one way or the other were involved?

MYRO: I have 3 videos already, It was fun and exciting working with the entire crew at all times

WADOO:  And do u have any slogan u use in ur music as ur stigma?

MYRO: King of Banana ,d ‘Kabayaba’

Wadoo: Any show your fans should look forward to?

Myro : All fans should expect steady work from me ,Beautiful music all the way

Wadoo: What advice will you give a young person trying to break into the industry?

Myro: To get in the industry you gotta keep ya head up

Wadoo: Message to your fans

Myro: I love you all,without you there’s no me.

Wadoo: Thank You!! Sir

Myro: WaaaaaaDooooooo!!! Myro

WADOO!!!: EH!!!!

Watch video


You can contact and know more about Myro just by a click.
Follow him on twitter @yesmyro


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