WADOO!!INTERVIEW: RADIOWADOO in an exclusive interview with BOZZ LAY’DEE (@BozzLayDee1)

RADIOWADOO in an exclusive interview with BOZZ LAY’DEE (ARTISTE)

Just recently on our studio,we were privilege to have a chat/Interview with the Fast-rising Artiste right here in the US the Bozz lay’dee.


WADOO: Let’s get to meet You?

BOZZ LAY’DEE: Wasup, Wasup,before I begin S/o to the number 1 African/American BlogSpot and Radio station right here in the US  “Radio Wadoo” . My name is APRIL POREE but popularly known as  Bozz Lay’dee, I’m a female artist residing
in TX. I’M 29 Yrs. old  and God and my Family comes first….

WADOO: How did the name BOZZ LAY’DEE came to existence?

BOZZ LAY’DEE: The name Bozz Lay’dee, actually came from my brother and my
boyfriend, because they say I’m always bossing them around and I
always want things to go my way, or the highway….
WADOO: Where did you grow up and How was growing up like?

BOZZ LAY’DEE: I grew up on the Westside of Chicago, IL., Growing up for me in my
neighborhood was Normal, meaning we had a mother & father in the
household living the middle class life , but at the same time walking
the streets of Chicago wasn’t easy…. so we were taught to defend
ourselves mentally & physically …. I come from A musical background
my grandmother sang backup for the Chi-Lites , my father was a Dj and
my mom had one of these amazing voices, I’ve ever heard, so that’s
when I knew music played the most important factor in my life.

WADOO: Tell Us a Bit about your Educational Background?

BOZZ LAY’DEE: Graduated from High School, I graduated in 2001, I attended a Tech
College School, Career Point College (Arts, culture Arts and entertainment)and graduatedwith a 4.0 G.P.A.

WADOO: How did you get into music and what was your driving force?

BOZZ LAY’DEE: Like I said I came from A musical background, my mom and dad played
music almost the alternative way for me to speak out… I was very shy
growing up. In our home there was plenty of LOVE, but my mom and dad
wasn’t the best of friends. They had a lot of disagreements, that led
to raging arguments and even physical, so I decided to let my feelings
out by writing poems and those poems later turned into songs and the
only thing I was missing was a voice, “ME’…….
WADOO: Your song “Wats up” was a banger,it took over the airwaves like wow!
where did you  get the inspiration from(was it a life experience)?

BOZZ LAY’DEE: The song “WASUP’, was definitely a life experience like any other
Rapper or person who has a dream and you got all these hater’s and the
devil who does everything in they power to stop you from pursuing that
dream… What inspired me to write the song was because people knew
about me, or they heard about me but they act like I didn’t exist or
just hated the fact I was just “damn good at what I do….. So again I
didn’t have a voice… it’s hard for female rappers to get that
recognition they deserve, we work hard like everyone else in this
WADOO: your rap is so tight and you’re lyrically good, may we know your role
model in the music industry?

BOZZ LAY’DEE: Thank you!!! I really don’t have a role model, I’m just being
honest, Would say lyrically I respect, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Drake, Lil
wayne, and now added to my list Kendrick Lamar and I cant forget my
boy T.I love T.I.P and Free Lil Boosie….
WADOO: are we expecting any new single/album from you soon?

BOZZ LAY’DEE: O yes, definitely, I’m working with some Multi-Platinum Producers
right now. The names would be released once the project is completed
and in the next year working on my first album….
WADOO: Who do you dream of collaborating with?

BOZZ LAY’DEE: I dream of working with Erykah Badu, Swizz Beatz, Pharrell,
Timbaland and Dr.Dre, just to say the least….

WADOO: What challenges did you face trying to break into the industry?

BOZZ LAY’DEE: The challenges I faced were dealing with con-Artist, there’s alot
of con-artist in this industry. They don’t care about your talent,
just your money, so I had to take it upon myself it’s to learn this

WADOO: What challenges are you currently facing?

BOZZ LAY’DEE: The challenges, I’m still facing is getting the world to understand
there are more female rapper’s out here and not all Female Rapper’s
have to sell themselves or dress half naked to be seen and heard…
WADOO: Tell us about your fashion/ fashion sense.?

BOZZ LAY’DEE: Fashion also plays a very important factor in my life, I love, love
jewelry gold jewelry a fanatic, purses, heels and hair love it… I
like to make a statement when I walk in the room, I have to make a
statement….I’m A Bozz….

WADOO: Apart from music, what other interests do you have?

BOZZ LAY’DEE: Acting or Producing

WADOO: In your music career so far,whats your most embarrassing moment?

BOZZ LAY’DEE: the most embarrassing moment was I had a collab with another Indie
Artist who has a buzz and we performed the song at a showcase and he
forgot his lyrics, so I had to rap his whole verse…..

WADOO: What do you love most about being an entertainer?

BOZZ LAY’DEE: What I love most is the courage and the ambition to do and say what
most people are afraid too.. The love and the acknowledgement from our
family, friends and fans who support us and depend on us to make away
for the next upcoming talent, the performing and the magic I make in
the studio….

WADOO: Is there anything about you that you want people to know about you

that you think they don’t know, especially when it comes to your music?

BOZZ LAY’DEE: what I want people to know about me is that I’m a mom, I also sing,
I mean I got  some pipes and I also have a Medical background….
WADOO: How do you cope with your Fans especially the male fans?

BOZZ LAY’DEE: being professional at all times(plain and simple)

WADOO: What advice will you give a young person trying to break into the

BOZZ LAY’DEE : learn the business, be humble, be patient, and never let no one
take advantage of you….
WADOO: Any show your fans should look forward to?

BOZZ LAY’DEE: yes I will be performing in GreenBay, Wisconsin, Sept.21, 2013….

WADOO: Alright, thank you very much for coming and it’s a privilege having you in our studio and we’re  sure your fans, friends and well-wishers as gotten the privilege to know you more also

BOZZ LAY’DEE: Thank you guys for the support, keep supporting, more banging music
from Bozz Lay’dee definitely coming your way, you haven’t
heard/seen the last of me, for updates on my music and shows please
follow me on my music page which is www.facebook.com/mzbozzladydee
follow me on twitter @BozzLayDee1
you can hear exclusive tracks also in my reverbnation BozzLaydee1

Below is the Video of the much anticipated song “Was Up”  Watch and share your comments.
For video purchase contact; Email: poreegroovemanagement@gmail.com


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