WADOO!!NEWS: See Powerless refrigerator keeps food cold through evaporation


Sometime in your life you have probably experienced very primitive means, whether through camping or just a power outage, you have (hopefully) had the cognitive awareness of wondering ‘how do we save the food?’ See in camping you plan for it, dry foods only, ice down any meats to prevent spoiling. If your electricity goes out, everyone in the house knows not to open the refrigerator, preserving the coldness to prevent the food from spoiling. I’ts easy to take that accessibility (for us anyways) to chill our foods for granted, but for 1.3 billion people in the world, that is not even an option.

The Biomimicry Global Design Challenge in Canada challenges students and researchers to be inspired by nature and come up with solutions to improve the global food system. A small team at University of Calgary came up with an idea that could help out that 1.3 billion. They engineered an electricity-free cooling unit to keep food cool. The concept pulls inspiration in everything from insects and coral to mammals, kangaroos and elephants. Labeled as Windchill, the food preservation unit works in a process of three steps and its equipment is fairly simple and easy to access.

The idea is that warm air passes through a funnel and then through a pipe that is underground. This starts to cool the air before it is next pulled into a wet coiled copper pipe inside an evaporation chamber. The moisture on the pipe starts to evaporate which cools the air in the pipe. That cooled air then moves to a refrigeration chamber where it’s reserved for keeping things cool.

This is definitely a step in the right direction to eventually keep food at 40 °F — which is the temperature needed to keep food from spoiling. Their creative innovation did win them first prize and hope to the many areas that do not have electricity in their everyday living.

Source: Biomimicry

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