Is she still full of lies despite so many chances?

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Poems are sweet but not in the heart of a liar. The first time I heard about the word “beautiful lies” I longed to hear them but when I learned how bitter-sweet they could be I wished I didn’t have ears.
I write this without any awkward feelings or gender sentiments, boldly I can say that I think as a man and love like a woman.

Once upon a time I made a conclusion which I’m still doubting about God’s most adoring creature ‘women’ that this folks rarely make mistakes but they often make some deliberate choices out of shallow thoughts that often appear to be more like a mistake.

With all honesty I admit that the kindest words I’ve ever heard was from a woman, the purest of hearts I’ve ever seen was that of a woman, teasing smiles plus the finest curves and edges indeed they were wonderfully made. Life is really not fair I suppose because if the symbolic color of wisdom is yellow what is the symbolic color of folly? I also know that the color black symbolizes Death but the opposite color ‘white’ is the symbol of Life.

The super importances of women as we all know cannot be overemphasized below are few of their numerous qualities

  • Soul provider
  • Great companion
  • Stress healer
  • Inspiration
  • Perseverance
  • Kind hearted


Despite the above listed women are liken unto charcoals wherefore the first train that was made was powered by charcoals so no doubts they possess the ability to make things work but the sad thing about this is that charcoals would always remain black no matter how many times you wash it. The delicate thing about this is that if you apply force in the process and scrub so hard just to make it clean, it fades away.

The irony about this is that even if they are clean they remain black, so you don’t know if they are going to stain or not unless you are ready to get stained.
Even the woman whose smiles could tickle the heart of the greatest of kings, whose whispers could mend a broken heart are not super over this charcoal syndrome.

Do your really love a woman?



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