WADOO!!NEWS: The Pentagon – Made in China (VIDEO)


On first look, this might probably seem like the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, The Pentagon, but there is actually more than meets the eye. Apparently back in 2003, China decided to make their own version of The Pentagon. It is called the Shanghai Pentagonal Mart.

The Shanghai Pentagonal Mart is actually a very interesting piece of work when we consider the purpose for which it was built for. Being much bigger than the original Pentagon at a massive 70 acres, it is actually a shopping mall – you read that right. Although the Pentagon might not be the most accessible building to people in the U.S, the Shanghai Pentagonal Mart is just 40 minutes away from the city center.

“The project started in 2003,” said a spokesman according to The Telegraph “Construction started the following year and we are nearly finished. We are just sealing the roof.”

“The design of the project was inspired by the appearance of the Pentagon. This building is not only impressive externally, but it is actually a very smart design. The logistics mean that people can circulate freely inside.”

The Pentagon has a very intriguing design and the idea behind it is quite interesting as well. It is said that the main motivation behind the design is such that employees can go to any office inside the building in just under seven minutes by foot.

During the time of the construction of the Shanghai Pentagonal Mart, the owner of the mall had a lot of encouragement by their government and they even found a way to make the United Nations to be one of their clients.

At the time, the United Nations intended to make Shanghai the center of its procurement and logistics. In fact, just the year before that, the United Nations had procured up to $1.8 billion worth of goods from China. It seemed to be a very good mutually beneficial agreement between the two parties.

In a plot twist, a certain person on the internet said this about the building:

“Nice copy. Next up is Dubai’s tallest building.”


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