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Just recently the one and only HARRYSONG visited  Radiowadoo  Studio live in Miami USA.Alot has been seen and heard about the “Am in love master” before now but Radiowadoo recently thought in wise to have a real chat with the one and only HARRYSONG,for the general public/fans  to know their role model properly.

  Lets get to meet you sir.
Harrysong: EH!!!!!!!  , ITS HARRY…….O
Wadoo: how did the name harrysong came to existence

Harrysong: My name is Harrysong tare okiri.we where in a recording session with del b and omotola,in the rebranding process omotola sugested Harrysong.that’s how the name came to be and loved by all.

Wadoo: How was growing up,Harrysong?

Harrysong: Growing up for me was very very ruff and turf,cus I lost my mum very early and stayed with my step mum who didn’t like me at all at u can imagine what I went through,unto mattas

Wadoo: How did you get into music?

Harrysong: I started singing from wen I was very small,music is what called and chosen to do by God.unto mattas

Wadoo: We have heard u on different genres of music, are we going to hear any high-life song from you ?

Harrysong: High life yeeeeessss,am In love with high life music cus I luv culture,and I believe in the african movement.very soon u’ll get one very beautiful high life,but also a love song

Wadoo: What challenges did you face trying to break into the industry?

Harrysong: The challenges plenty o,rejection,intimidating,

finance,tribalizm,but we thank God that we scaled through that all. Unto mattas
Wadoo; Do you have any album?Harrysong: Album,,,yes. I ve one album,my first album,tittled testify.a 14 track album.Wadoo: What do you love most about being an entertainer?Harrysong: What I love most been an entertainer is my stage presence acceptance and the response from the females wen they feel my energy.Wadoo: We’ve seen Harrysong collaborate with different artiste like TIMAYA,OLAMIDE,how was the experience?

Harrysong: All my collaborations are fantastic,wonderful experience,cus they all ve different style of music

Wadoo: Who do you dream of collaborating with in the international level?

Harrysong: I don’t dream of any international collaboration,its not a priority am blessed here

Wadoo: As a star,how do u cope with the ladies.

Harrysong: :) smile.hmmmm,copin with the ladies,,,I love ma girls,ma fans wish I can be close to them like every day,but its all gud,I just try to resiprocate the love in every way that I can,unto mattas

Wadoo: Where do we hope to be in three years’ time?

Harrysong: In the next 3 years.Harrysong is a blessing to the world already by the grace of God.Amen.

Wadoo: Any show your fans should look forward to?

Harrysong: For my lined up shows for the year already,I’ll update u guys as it flows unto mattas
Wadoo: What advice will you give a young person trying to break into the industry?

Harrysong: My advice to the young musicians,is to work hard o,its not eazy o,and believe in God.E go work.

Wadoo: Message to your fans

Harrysongs: To all lovers of Harry and songs,God bless ur’all for the love,keep the fire burning.I love ur’all like crazy

Wadoo: Thank You!! Sir

Harrysong: WaaaaaaDooooooo!!! Harrysong say so,unto matta

WADOO!!!: EH!!!!

You can see that Harrysong is a nice and loving artiste unto matas as he would say.
You can contact and know more about HARRYSONG just by a click.
Follow him on twitter @iamharrysong

You can download singles below
Am in love ft Olamide

Ogogoro ft Timaya


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